We are DROPSHOT roasters, delicious specialty coffee creators, born in Bucharest MMXVIII.

We handcraft our coffees using high quality raw material, obsessively perfecting roast profiles, trying to honour the farmers hard labour and the trust our customers invest in us. 

 We truly hope you enjoy it till the last drop.




Our small team's effort stands behind every coffee bean that comes out the door of our roastery. Our colleagues, our suppliers and especially our customers are part of the final product and we are so  grateful to them.

Brand architect 

Razvan is taking care of the branding & quality development. Not just fancy marketing but sourcing and roasting delicious coffees, coffee business consultancy and educational work. Likes padel in the free time and kitesurfing in holidays. 

Head of operations

Larisa is in charge of operations, making sure things go smooth for everybody every day. With her aircraft engineering mindset, she is optimizing processes and making things easy for everybody. Loves airplanes and social media.   


Head Roaster

Mihai is our main roaster, he is responsible for most of our delicious coffees, single origins and blends. He loves gardening and home cooking in his free time. 


Finance & Logistics


Alexandra is taking care of our bookkeeping and logistics. She is passionate with hiking, tattoos and loves spending time with her sister. 

Head Barista


George is our coffee magician, he is the heart and soul of our small coffee shop inside our roastery. He is passionate with specialty drinks and fitness.


Andrei is the man behind almost every coffee bag exits our roastery. He is a great team player, likes rap music, action sports and socialising.