ESPRO Coffee French Press P3

288,42 RON 288,42 RON

Espro French Press P3 fulfills our goal of delivering coffee and tea at an affordable price, without ever compromising the quality of the drink itself. It is suitable for anyone looking for a less expensive option, as well as an increased sense of good taste and sophistication. The P3 has a double mico-filter, sealed with silicone, which gives the tea or coffee a better clarity. Also, due to the manufacturing method and high quality materials, the impurities are at a minimum. Carefully thought out design is doubled by practical function. It has a thick glass vessel, Safety Lock ™ system and a sturdy plastic frame, complemented by a sealed silicone edge, which helps prevent coffee or tea from accidentally spilling.


  • Coffee press includes double micro-filter with twist-lock for easy separation and cleaning
  • Tea press includes tea-specific double micro-filter
  • Coffee and tea filters are BPA, BPS and phthalate free
  • Espro worked with renowned glass producers Schott-Duran to create a German-made glass vessel that is 40% thicker than the industry standard for increased durability and heat retention
  • The patent-pending Safety Lock™ secures the glass vessel inside the steel cage while pouring, while also allowing for easy removal and cleaning
  • Patented and global patents pending