Aromatic herbs, Blackcurrant, Dark chocolate


54,90 RON 54,90 RON

  Adola washing station located in Guji Oromia region is owned by our partner Israel Degfa, from whom we buy directly this coffee. The red clay soil and the semi wild microfarms situated next to the forest contribute to this coffee floral notes, sweet and herbal terroir. 

  We have visited Adola for the first time in 2020 and there is a lot of information you can find on our website about that amazing  experience. 

  We love this coffee for the blackberry aromas mixed with exquisite dark chocolate notes. It exhibits a friendly acidity, dessert like in espresso, amazing in milk, complex in filter.

  • Coffee Details
  • Brew recipes
  • People and Culture
  • Origins Ethiopia
    Roasting degree Medium Light  
    Notes Aromatic Herbs, Blackcurrant, Dark Chocolate
    Region / Farm Guji / Oromia
    Altitude 2100 m
    Varietal Kume, Dago, Wolisha
    Type of processing Natural
    Harvest November-March
  •    We recommend that you buy fresh coffee beans and grind them on demand to prepare your beverage. Coffee is a product susceptible to rapid oxidation, this process is accelerated by grinding for the simple reason that grinding increases the surface that is exposed to oxygen.


      GEAR USED: 

      Dalla Corte Mina espresso machine

      Ratio 1/2

      18g  in

      36g  out

      25-28 sec

      Temp.  92-94 C

      Target EY 20-22 %

      All our recipes are tested on 54.5mm diameter 28mm height  and 58mm diameter 26mm height IMS competition filter baskets, on a Dalla Corte Mina espresso machine. The grinder we use are Compak PK100 and the water filtration system is RO with TDS 130-150 ppm, general hardness 108 ppm, alkaline hardness 64 ppm, 7.2-7.4 PH.  

      All these brew recipes must be taken just as a starting point. It is important to understand that tasting notes we suggest might vary when you extract at home/office or in your coffee shop, depending on your gear, skill and water specifications. 

    • V60

      GEAR USED: V60 02 size

      Ratio 1/13.5

      200 ml water

      13.5 g in

      185 g out

      3 min brew time

      Temp 91-93 C

      Target EY 18-20%

      Grind size 700-900 microns

      We brew V60 or similar dripper in pursuit of clarity, so we use a lower temperature brew water. First you should rinse the paper filter with hot water from the kettle, to avoid paper aromas to alter your brew. Our method is pouring 80 grams of water over the grinded coffee. This step should take about 15 seconds for brewing and wait another 25 second for blooming. Then pour  the rest of the water until you hit the target. The total brew time should be around 2:30 - 3 minutes. Adjust the grind size and temperature to match the desired taste profile.

  • Producer: Israel Degfa, of the company Kerchanse

    Washing Station: Adola. A privately owned, communal washing station. Natural coffee from Ethiopia, funky and fruity! Letting the coffee dry in its cherry is the traditional way of processing coffee for personal consumption and for commodity coffee in Ethiopia. It is a sensitive process that can give the coffee a fermented taste profile, unless it is done carefully. At Adola, the grade one coffee cherries are carefully sorted and dry for over 25 days. The natural process suits the floral yet citric profile of Ethiopian coffee very well and keeps more vibrancy in the coffee that shines through the sweet flavour that the natural process adds to the cup. 

    This is the fourth year in a row that we are buying coffee from Israel Degfa, the only private producer we are working with in Ethiopia. Israel has become a good friend of ours and we want to support his work on sustainability.

    Ethiopia is one of our favourite origins. Its’ taste profile and culture are both diverse and interesting. The Arabica coffee plant was first found growing wild in Ethiopia and Yemen, and then Ethiopia became the motherland of coffee.  About 6,6 million bags are produced in the country every year, of which almost half is kept in the country for local consumption. 

    We hope you will enjoy this sweet adventurous coffee that is a little bit out of our safe zone! :) 

    About Israel Degfa 

    Israel is one of the warmest people we know and also very successful in the business. He was born near Sidamo, Yirgalem, and his parents were both in coffee in different ways. His mum sold coffee at the bus station and his dad was a farmer. This is where he found his love for coffee. He studied primary school in Yiralem and went to high school and college in Addis Abeba. In 2013 Israel founded the company by Kerchanshe trading company that is named after the nearest town, Kerchanste town (fondly referred to as Kercha). Today he has 26 washing stations and a few dry-mills; the guy is 32 years old and has only had the business for 6 years.  

    Israel visited us at Drop the first year we worked together, in 2015. From then we have been visiting each other every year. Obviously, Drop Coffee is a tiny buyer to all of Israels 26 washing stations, but coffee buying is about relationships, shared quality goals, and trust - and in that, we see eye to eye, and are important to each other. Israel is continuously improving his standards of coffee. This year the total percentage of production that was specialty coffee by Kerchance has almost doubled, this year the specialty coffee is close to 10% of all the coffee. Higher quality means more money for the farmers delivering to the washing stations.   

    At Adola, local farmers are delivering their freshly picked coffee cherries to the washing station, most of the farmers only have 1 to 2 hectares of land. The days they are not delivering coffee, many of them are working at the washing station. Most of the coffee being delivered to Adola is organically produced, but not everything.  

    Israel has been traveling to other coffee origins, such as Brazil, where he has been inspired in ways  to improve the coffee processing. Isreal is always investing in better systems and putting better protocols in place at his washing stations.  


    We want to support Israel Degfa's work on sustainability with the farmers aiming to get them out of poverty through coffee and he is producing some really stunning coffees. Adola is one of four of his washing stations where the producers are being certified and given a second payment, based on the premiums. 

    As part of our transparency and the ongoing coffee price crisis, we want to share our FOB prices for the coffee we buy. This coffee has been paid 2.80 USD per pound. An entire 10% of Kershanse's profit goes into a non-profit sustainability company, that is investing in schools within the local communities among other things. At Adola Israel has built a school for the children living in the area. Drop Coffee has contributed by buying some furniture for the school.

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