Dropshot Coffee

Microlot Subscription Roasters Choice

329,40 RON

Our microlots are amazingly complex coffees that have consumed hundreds of hours of hard and laborious work before ending into your flavorful cup of coffee. These coffees receive the highest attention throughout the entire process, from picking only the ripped cherries in farms to removing the defective beans and packing only the perfectly roasted batches.

To honour the diversity and seasonality, we have prepared our roasters choice microlot selection. You can only pick 2 bags of 250g of coffee, select the duration of the subscription and we will deliver to you 2 of our trending microlots. We will try to have at least one of them different each month, having in mind criterias like seasonality, deliciousness and of course, roasters choice :) 

By opting to subscribe you will receive a 7% savings as we as we take care of the shipping this deliciousness straight to your door (* this service is available right now only for Romanian territory) .

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