About us

We are DROPSHOT, specialty coffee roasters, born in Bucharest MMXIX.

We Handcraft our coffees using only high Quality raw material supplied in direct Relationship with producers, obsessively Perfecting roast profiles to maximize Sweetness and Complexity. Choosing our coffees is a true statement for your Sophisticated taste and we highly appreciate it.

We truly hope you enjoy it till the last Drop.


The Vision

The progress of coffee means for us crafting delicious coffees that unite coffee lovers with various taste preferences. All our coffees should be complex, sweet, vivid and delicious. We only buy green coffees that respect our relationship trade principles: traceable, with a fair and sustainable distribution of profits to all those who contributed to the value chain.

The Mission

We must create deliciousness in your coffee cup. We are constantly exploring new combinations of flavors and aromas at the highest level of specialty coffee, microlots and nanolots. We are trying to bring these amazing sensory experiences into the coffee cup respecting people's diversity in taste.

Relationship Trading

When you buy green coffee we connect with the beans, we follow the entire journey from farm to cup. We visit each year the origins where we buy coffee from, to understand people, culture, terroir. We taste and choose the microlots we like from the people we feel connected with . We do not hunt high coffee grading scores, we favor deliciousness, quality, human relations and transparency.


Our small team's effort stands behind every coffee bean that comes out the door of our roastery. Our colleagues, our suppliers and especially our customers are part of the final product and we are so grateful to them.


We are part of this amazing city bustling with energy, it is our home and our inspiration everyday. It is a city where people have a special relationship with coffee and they are so open minded when it comes to tasting new aromas. Our roast style is inspired by our local coffee culture, we really hope you enjoy it.