Collection: Rare Pearls

Pearls Coffee Collection is our pinnacle vision of Specialty Coffee sophistication and purity. It is all about the terroir, top varieties and the dedication of the producers to highlight complex flavor profiles. We work with top level producers that grow coffee trees with meticulous care, in agroforestry farming systems, with clean and transparent processing methods.

With Pearls you will be assured you get the best that Mother Nature has to offer, amazing varietals that produce the sweetest cherries in very limited quantities, in unique climatic environments, processed by the most quality driven farmers in the world.

Most of our Pearls are Omniroasts, so you can enjoy them as filter or very delicate espresso. Some coffees are only roasted for filter, but you will find it mentioned.

As you already know, Pears are rare, simple yet sophisticated. Choosing these coffees is a true statement for your refined taste.