Our story

It all started in 2016, from a love story to a coffee story. I was challenged by my partner Larisa to brew her better tasting coffee, as she was consuming a lot of instant coffee during her difficult exams at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. I really wanted the best quality for her and while not being a coffee drinker at that time, I had the opportunity of being introduced to specialty coffee by one of my business partners. I soon became a zero compromise home barista, brewing the best coffees I could find and spending most of my time in the very few pioneer specialty coffee shops. I soon discovered that I wanted to be a part of the specialty coffee scene in Bucharest and co-founded in 2019 Dropshot Coffee Roasters, having the mindset to be the best ambassador brand of high quality coffee for the consumers.

Larisa joined the company in 2020 during the pandemic, as the aviation industry took a big hit and she enjoyed it so much, she never looked back.

Together we built our team and managed to become one of the leading specialty coffee brands in Romania, impacting in a good way the quality of coffee people are able to drink.

Choosing our coffees is a true statement for your demanding quality taste and we highly appreciate that. I hope you enjoy them till the last drop.