Coffee collection


Are sweet, balanced and easygoing. Only fresh crop coffees from the same producers each season so we can guarantee amazing Sweetness and Consistency. We created Blends to express ourselves and create new flavor profiles that enrich the taste experience of our clients. We believe that our range of blends should be the definition of what delicious, good quality, uncomplicated coffee should be.



Distinctive, balanced and delicious Single Origin coffees. Available most part of the year, these coffees represent the regional terroir of that country. Most of them are Direct Trade, the result of our effort in building long lasting relationships with quality driven top level farmers and producers. Our Foundation Single Origins are easygoing and represent the first step towards getting acquainted with the complexity of Specialty Coffee.



Bold, intriguing and complex Single Origins. Limited supply, microlot level, are designed for the initiated coffee lovers that know more and expect more. We consider these coffees to better represent what true Specialty Coffee stands for, they are complex and rewarding as long as you truly understand coffee is a seasonal product that must be consumed as fresh as possible. You can find Discovery coffees roasted with our Modern Espresso approach or Omniroast, which means you can try all preparation methods. Sometimes we only roast for Filter the ones that inspire us for this method.



Spectacular, breathtaking aromatic profiles, experiential coffees. Exclusive Nanolots, out of the box experimental fermentation and processing techniques, omni roasted in small batches. This is the next level in Specialty Coffee, using advanced processing techniques and co-fermentation methods to make coffee taste so complex that you start questioning if it is still coffee you are having. Most of them will be Omniroasts as they are really high quality and complex but you can also find some rare Modern Espresso or Filter only roasts.



Pearls Coffee Collection is our pinnacle vision of Specialty Coffee sophistication and purity. It is all about the terroir, top varieties and the dedication of the producers to highlight complex flavor profiles. We work with top level producers that grow coffee trees with meticulous care, in agroforestry farming systems, with clean and transparent processing methods. With Pearls you will be assured you get the best that Mother Nature has to offer, amazing varietals that produce the sweetest cherries in very limited quantities, in unique climatic environments, processed by the most quality driven farmers in the world. Most of our Pearls are Omniroasts, so you can enjoy them as filter or very delicate espresso. Some coffees are only roasted for filter, but you will find it mentioned. As you already know, Pears are rare, simple yet sophisticated. Choosing these coffees is a true statement for your refined taste.