Our vision



We make Specialty Coffee easy to understand. Our Impact is to present a highly complex coffee selection, from super rare varieties to affordable sweet and balanced blends and terroir single origins. We love to give you clarity so you navigate easily through the complexity of specialty coffee. You can easily find your coffee path in our selection and just be happy enjoying your ritual everyday. Our biggest satisfaction is when we hear from our customers that we have made their lives easy when it comes to coffee.


We love to make great coffee inclusive, not exclusive. Specialty Coffee has always been recognised as a quality product, but sometimes intimidating for the consumers. Understanding the multiple layers of flavor profiles and taste preferences has led us to build a coffee collection where most of us can find a favorite coffee.


We Direct Trade coffee to make it accessible. We visit each year the origins where we buy coffee from, to understand people, culture, processing and terroir. We taste and choose the coffees we like from the people we feel connected with. We do not hunt high coffee grading scores, we favor deliciousness, quality, human relations and transparency.



If you enjoy our coffees, you must be aware that there is a Team of Good People behind it. Our colleagues, our suppliers, our clients work together to make it happen, so we are grateful for being part of the ride.


We are part of this amazing city bustling with energy, it is our home and our inspiration everyday. It is a city where people are open minded and have a special relationship with great coffee. Our roast style is truly inspired by our local coffee culture, we hope you enjoy it.

We grow together