Dropshot Blends

DROPSHOT blends are an essential part of our vision for delicious coffees. We choose high quality specialty grade coffees that, once roasted, have a strong dominant note, usually as a result of the specific regional terroir and varietal characteristics. After that, we start playing : we mix them in different proportions, looking for complexity, novelty, balance and most important, deliciousness. 

Please check for each coffee the roast style, so you can pick the most appropriate coffee for your taste and gear. Take in consideration that most of our blends have a complex flavour profile and are very well suited for espresso and milk based drinks. If you enjoy a full-bodied filter with bittersweet aftertaste, you will also enjoy them. If you prefer a cleaner cup, please check our Microlots and Nanolots, we roast them lighter and the aromas separation is more obvious. 

Amazing for syrupy espresso, milk based drinks and medium bodied filter brews.

Recommended for :

 Manual espresso machines

 Automatic espresso machines

 Automatic filter machines