DROPSHOT Micro and Nano lots is a selection of our most amazing coffees. Those coffees are the reason why we initially fell in love with coffee and they keep fueling our passion every single day. We source them personally, each year we visit the producers, we meet the farmers, we learn about their processing methods, we cup them and we rezerv sometimes exclusively the ones that taste delicious and unique. 

Single Origins

DROPSHOT Single Origins are regional coffee selection from a specific washing station, that gathers coffees from a selection of regional farmers. These coffees are available usually throughout the year because we stock them. Delivered freshly roasted, they are intended for specialty coffee lovers, who appreciate the coffee origin’s terroir.


DROPSHOT blends are an essential part of our vision for delicious coffees. We choose high quality specialty grade coffees that, once roasted, have a strong dominant note, usually as a result of the specific regional terroir and varietal characteristics. After that, we start playing : we mix them in different proportions, looking for complexity, novelty, balance and most important, deliciousness.