DROPSHOT Micro and Nano lots is a selection of our most amazing coffees. Those coffees are the reason why we initially fell in love with coffee and they keep fueling our passion every single day. We source them personally, each year we visit the producers, we meet the farmers, we learn about their processing methods, we cup them and we rezerv sometimes exclusively the ones that taste delicious and unique. 

Our roast style for these coffees has a clear sensory target : fruitiness and sweetness. This means you can easily extract all their concentrated deliciousness on a semiautomatic espresso machine, you can brew a vivid V60 or enjoy a sweet treat on Aeropress or French Press. They are so good you can get away even pulling shots on automatic espresso machines, so keep your mindset open for experiments. 

This roast style is suited for manual espresso machines that have higher extraction yield, manual brew gear, automatic filter machines. Many of these coffees can be extracted by automatic espresso machines but you will have to understand it is a compromise. 

Delicious in espresso, milk , filter drip. 

Recommended for :

 Manual and semiautomatic espresso machines

Manual brew gear

 Automatic filter machines