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Milk chocolate, Orange, Hazelnut

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Origin Costa Rica
Roasting degree Espresso Modern
Notes Milk chocolate, Orange, Hazelnut
Region Naranjo, Alajuela
Farm La Colima
Altitude 1400 - 1500 m
Varietal Red Caturra
Type of processing Washed
Producer Alejo Castro Kahle
Harvest 2023

With its sweet characteristics and aromatic range from chocolate to hazelnut, Costa Rica has always been an attractive destination for specialty coffee lovers.

This single origin, La Abeja, is the result of a coffee meeting between Alejo C. Jimenez and Wilhelm Kahle sometime in the early 1900s. The two entrepreneurs collaborated for more than a century and left no less than five generations of farmers and producers in the care of their passion.

Today, la Abeja is a classic, an iconic batch that offers us a chocolatey body combined with the vivacity of a candied orange and a smooth, smooth finish with its notes of hazelnuts and caramelised sugar.

The Colima farm, where this batch of coffee was grown, sits at the foot of the now dormant Barva volcano, and this space offers some of the most fertile soil in the entire Republic of Costa Rica and is home to several endangered plant species. Two of them are the Poro Extranjero and Guachipelin trees, which also play a role in the favorable growth of coffee trees. How does this happen? The concept is commercially called 'shade-grown coffee'. Coffee trees generally reach a height of 4.5 or 5 meters, but they can be 'covered' by other trees, such as Poro Extranjero and Guachipelin in this case, which also reach heights of 25 or even 35 meters.

The shade-grown coffee concept has become increasingly popular due to its benefits on coffee crops, the best example being perhaps the development of pollination, which has proven to increase coffee cherry production.
This batch of Costa Rica La Abeja fully enjoys the shade-grown coffee trend, and the taste in the cup proves it.

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